Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Use of narrative/abstract/performance in our video

Our video uses a mix of both narrative and performance cutting between different shots of both through out the video.

The use of narrative:

The narrative of our story is a different retelling of the story of red riding hood after listening to the song several times we felt like we could adapt the story of red riding hood into an effective narrative for our video taking some of the characters and adapting them and the story around them into something we could use to form the narrative side of our story. We also wanted a distinctive style that would give a good feel to the video and so had to make sure that our narrative was suitable for this, while there was some difficulty with this when it came to cutting the clips at a good pace keeping with the beat of the song but also allowing a good pace for the narrative to be expressed with out cuting so fast as to make it to hard to follow.

The use of performance:

We from an early stage wanted to make sure we included scenes of a performance in the video we wanted to also keep the performance linked with the narrative so choose to have our performer take the role of the woodcutter from Red riding hood who for our narrative was playing the role of father to Red riding hood meaning we had that important narrative link which kept the flow of story going meaning we were never distracting the viewer from the story. This also allowed us to lip sinc our song and use some more shorts that wouldnt have been suitable for the narrative sections. 

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