Friday, 23 September 2011

Music video - Influential videos

Below are a collection of videos that have provided inspiration and helped me to develop my own ideas in different ways using different editing techniques and visual styles aswell as showing different applications I can use to create my own video.

Paperhead - Fatboy Slim Right here right now: This video uses a lots filters to create a pencil and paper image, this along with some stop motion and cleaver overlaying creates a very abstract and artistic image that works well with music.

Here is a video showing how the pencil effect was created, It uses lots of overlapping layer to create its final effect.

Next is a video showing off one of the tools I hope to use MMD or Mikumikudance is a flexible animating tool that can be used to create and animate all sorts of different characters and objects, It is usually used for music videos and can produce very professional looking work.

Although Japanese in origin it has been patched to include an English version that provides all the same support as its original. A few of my favorite abilities is to create stages and set up any sort of lighting and camera movement you want, a down side is most of the character models are very stylized already so trying to use it in a way that can still be appreciated by a western audience will be hard to do. It also requires alot of trimming up in editing software to give a more suitable filter. I hope to be able to use this but it will be in limited amounts due to the amount of work required to look professional.

Another effect I would like to mix into my video is typography its a clean and visually engaging way of adding lyrics to a music video I think it should work well with some stop motion on a white back ground and will help to keep the viewer interested. However I don't want it to become too dominant as it could clutter the screen and be distracting aswell as abit disorientating if it moves too fast, keeping the words moving with the timing of the song is important aswell as choosing appropriate text font and images.

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