Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Story Plan


We plan to recreate the story of Little Red Riding Hood, but from the Wood Choppers perspective.
We thought it would be a good idea to enforce a family link between RRH and the Wood Chopper to give the story context.

We plan for our story to be a series of flashback and present day scenes as the Wood Cutter (who is RRH's dad) remembers the day his daughter got eaten by a wolf. In the present day scenes, the Wood Cutter has gone mad.


(past) Red Riding Hood sets out from her home with the traditional basket of goodies and sets off into the woods.
(present) Wood Cutter is sat at home rocking in a corner lip-syncing the beginning of the song.
(past) Wolf is rummaging in the forest.
(past) Montage of RRH being stalked by the Wolf.
(present) More WC lip-syncing with emphasis on the fact RRH and WC are related, use of "father child' lyric and photo showing RRH and WC together.
(past) More stalking and WC leaves his home with a lovely sharpened axe.
(past) RRH spots Wolf - western style I SEE YOU scene. RRH runs away, Wolf runs after her. At the same time, WC walks to forest.
(past) Chase is a bit more serious now, Wolf is closing in, RRH (crying?).
(past) RRH cornered. Very slow Wolf creeping in, we see WC behind them as Wolf lunges.

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