Friday, 7 October 2011

Magazine Advert Research

For our music video we will also be creating a magazine advert to promote the release of our video to help understand what this requires we have been researching existing adverts to see what type of effects and techniques make an effective music advert.


These covers feature dark/black back grounds with white text over top listing details for the album such as where its availible for download and purchase, the album art is displayed on the left and takes up a strong proportion of the advert. The wording is quite standard listing who it features, who's album it is keeping it very basic and keeping the amount of words to a minimum the main focus is on the visual aspects the colours match and work well together ussaly quite dark with a white contrast on both the album and the advert are used this help attract attention to the details. 

For our advert similar styles with likley work well the song has a fairly dark story and it will be important to represent this. Since we are using the story of red riding hood being able to mix in dark red colours will also be a really effective way of creating a recognisable feel, our editing style mixes in strong contrast filters to really create a dark atmosphere but also to bring forward key colours. We can then focus on these colours to manage the look that can be represented across the whole project - The film, the magazine advert and the digi-pak.

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