Friday, 18 November 2011

Analysis Of Music Video

  • filter is the same throughout all the clips to keep the same effect throughout the video. Fades are also used to make transitions smoother in some of the clips, as well as jump cuts to link with the fast, jumpy pace of the song.
  •  Could of redone the text
  •  Conforms well with the genre, by having half narrative, half performance.
  • Shows an intertextual reference from having Red Riding Hood. 
  • Performance is well done, but lip syncing could of been slightly more accurate
  • could of done more covers of angles in shots, as some of the shots had to be sneakily edited due to  fingers being in shots, mistakes in actintg etc
  • The original idea was to have the story of red riding hood as a memory of the wood cutter, showing it as a sort of 'old film' type thing in the past tense, however, this isn't particularly clear as the performance and the narrative don't have a clear difference to show different tenses.

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