Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Rough Cut - Group discusion

This is a collection of thoughts and ideas we have compiled on our rough cut, this is to help us work out what has worked what needs changing and where to go with it next. We have had some feedback from other groups which has also influenced some of the ideas we have here.

             We have to make sure we keep our style of editing fluent for the whole video ~ This means       that filter effects use the same settings and cover all the clips ~ We also could use transition effects to move between the singing scenes and the acting scenes in a more interesting way this might mean using a fade or similar effect to transition smoother.

We also need to cut more and avoid staying with one camera shot for two long and to help create a sync between the song and the video by cutting on the beat and making sure both the audio and visual come together well.

             Our camera work seems to cover most of the basics and has an alround good effect however there is a few parts that can still be worked on this mainly means that when we cut between shots we take in account the effect different shots can have and cut acordingly. This should make sure there is good flow and we dont break continuity or confuse the audience by suddenly cutting to a strange angle.

                     Our performance focuses around the story of little red riding hood we need to make sure that this is obvious and make sure the links are clear, while its not the same its important that the audience notice it as if they dont then that defeats the point of using it as a background reference to the song. This means we must keep a clear coherent focus on the characters to make sure it noticeable, while the singing sections wont really inforce this so much if used in conjuction with the performance it should help make the 3 characters The Wolf, The Woodcutter and Red riding hood easily recognisable.

Genre conventions:~

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