Friday, 2 December 2011

Director's Commentary Planning

  • What influences did we use and how did the genre of the music influence this?-Tom
  • We used a fairy tale theme (Red Riding Hood) what was the plan for this and how did it change what sort of problems did we have adapting it? - Laura
  • How did we come up with the concept?
  • How effective and easy to use was the theme for the digipak material? - Tom
  • How was our audience feed back what did it do to out video and ideas we had, did we stay with the same concept or did we feel we had to change things to achieve the effect we needed. - Laura
  • What was the best bit of feed back we got?- Esther
  • Talk about the shared images and style through both using fairy tale image while also keeping it abit darker- Tom
  • Editing techniques and effects we wanted to use did use and stopped using.- Esther
  • The different pieces of technology we used and how they effected what we wanted to achieve and any problems we had with them. (battery running out last moment)- Esther
  • Costumes and props
  • What parts played to the genre conventions and what parts were unique?
  • Voice over clips 
  • Show test footage next to final film clips 
  • Take turns talking/ maybe discussing with each other different points.
  • Informal approach little scripted talking more expression of thoughts and ideas (more personal)

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